How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Finding your dream shoes for your big day is not an easy job.

So consider the following tips to help you get exactly what you want.

Window shopping

Start by visiting lots of different shoe shops to see the latest bridal fashions. Take photos, if allowed, and shortlist a few designs to visit again. If you still can’t choose between your final shortlist, then consider coming up with your own personalized design and having it made up for you. Shops which offer such a service normally ask you to select your shoe shape, length of heel and material. Alternatively, you can get shoes dyed if you do not like the colours on offer in the shop.

Get the timing right

It’s better to buy wedding shoes after you have bought the dress. Buying shoes first is definitely not recommended. Decide what kind of shoe you want after checking the length of your gown. Many brides do not mind what kind of shoes they wear at the wedding because of the length of their gown fully hiding their feet. However, shoe choice becomes more critical when the wedding dress reveals your ankles and guests can see more easily what you are wearing on your feet. In this instance, you will need to choose more carefully so that you feel a true princess from head to toe.

Ideally, both items should be bought or ordered at the same time. For example, you might like to order your dress, but tell your designer that you will confirm the full length once you decide on your shoes. You can then select your shoes to match your dress design and then go back to the designer with the exact height of your shoes to allow the final fitting for your wedding dress.

Wear your shoes before the wedding day

It’s not a good idea to wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. So make sure you wear them a few times in the weeks leading up to the wedding day, simply walking around the house. This will help them fit perfectly and ease up.

Match your venue

Go for flats or wedges if the wedding is to take place in a hilly area. Or wear heel protectors. Also check with your venue, as some ban heels to prevent damage to their wooden floors.

Check the weather

If your wedding is happening in winter, then you might like to have a pair of special Wellington Boots on hand so that you can easily walk through any snow.

Statement shoes

Your shoes should be a statement of your personality and style. You might like to check what your friends are wearing before committing to a design. The colour or style of your shoes must be unique and not resemble that of your bridesmaids or mother of the bride/groom. Your shoes must tell the same story that your dress is telling for the perfect co-ordinated bridal look.


Great Inspirational Bridal Photoshoot

The shoot took place in a lovely forest in Ottawa. The overal look is natural with organic flavors. It is further enhanced with the usage of candlesticks, rich silver tableware, classy lace and stained ultra magnetic glass. The florals used are soft and romantic. The model has been naturally dressed up with soft make over. Her look is giving message of purity and innocence.


























Smoky Eye Makeup Tips For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Here we are introducing the smoky eye make up look. The original tutorial is by Bycelina who blend the whole look with pinky shades along with dazzling smoky eyes. We thought it would look perfect on you while you wear it on your best friend’s wedding.


1. Strat applying the black base colour on the lid. Make sure you apply it up to the crease by using mac blackground.


2. Now start applying blackish pink on top of the black cream base you just have finished. You can use blackish pink from the palette and apply it with Mac 239. This color would look absolutely amazing. Repeat the same underneath the eye, now blend out the edges to cover the disarrangement of harsh lines.


3. Now  with gel eye liner or a pencil eye liner, draw a black line along lashline and smudge it out to get a smoky effect. You can carry out this work by using Bobbi Brown Bllack ink gel liner and give a blurring effect with a sigma E20 brush.



 4. Now its time to apply mascara, and artificial lashes. You can use Ardell wispies, Lancome L extreme mascara and YSL volume effect mascara. Apply the highlighter in the inner corner and on the brow bone. Use the most lightest shade in the palette.



Enjoy the final look 😉


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