Bride wore a dress already wore by two ladies, happily.

Wedding dress is a dream dress for every bride and groom in this world. The couples worldwide try to wear newly fashionably designed dresses; some even don’t mind wearing expensive designer outfits and some go to an extent of making the dress with costly emeralds. But there are those who give a great weightage to love and respect in their lives and go for simplicity. Recently, a bride wore a dress worn by two generations of her family.

Lucy getting married to Mark

Lucy Popocic who is 31 years old, got married in a beautiful long white gown that was first worn by her grandmother Mel Calder, 87, in 1950. After 25 years of this wedding, Lucy’s mother Penny Dafforn wore the same wedding outft in 1974.

Initially, Ms. Calder bought the dress for 6 guineas which is equivalent to almost £170 today. Now, the same dress has been worn by Ms. Lucy from when she got married to her partner Mark who is 35 years of age.

The dress however needed cleaning. That was done with blended material of aspirin and white vinegar which brought newness to the dress and bride looked fresh and lovely.