Create the perfect style with Jeans and a Tee

‘Jeans and a tee’ needn’t be boring. If you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with the combination, you can look stunning and attain a great, classic look. If you are a diehard fan of ‘jeans and a tee’ and cannot imagine yourself wearing any other clothes, then remember that the outfit can look polished and professional if the clothes fit well. Loose jeans and a sloppy tee will never give you the quality look you are seeking. Start by purchasing the right kind of bra and then you can start trying out different looks. Getting this basic aspect right will make a huge difference.

Here are some more tips to help you get rid of the frumpy look and look great in jeans and a tee.

Throw a blazer over your tee; especially if it has agraphic pattern. Choose classy flats or heels to finish off a look that is amazing for work.

Be inspired by ever-stylish Erica Ehm and top your jeans with a solid stunning moto jacket and impressive boots. That will make heads turn.

Achieve a classic ladylike look by wearing an awesome, well-fitted trench coat over the top. Add simple flats with good quality dark skinny jeans.

Add a colourful printed scarf to your jeans and tee outfit. Just drape it around your neck and enjoy the look. Go through some Facebook or Pinterest pages to find out different ways to tie it. Scarves tend to go with everything. The other advantage of wearing a scarf is that it will keep you warm in winter.

Another great way to enhance your look is by wearing nice jewellery. While you wear jeans and a tee, add some bangles and a nice pair of earrings. You can wear such jewellery with or without a scarf; either way, it will look make you look trendy and fashionable.

Belts do not only look good on dresses. Slot a belt through the waist loops of your jeans to help tuck in your tee and accentuate your waist. Simple belts in an elegant shade would look great. If you want to bring more drama, then you can wear something more striking like a leopard belt.

Minimalistic isn’t a bad thing. If it’s too warm to wear a scarf, grab a single or multi-strand, long necklace and sling it over your tee. Slip on your shoes, grab your bag and go.



How to have a smile like a celebrity


The secret behind a celeb-worthy smile is flawless teeth. There is a great appeal associated with showing a set of gleaming pearly whites; people pay  you attention and notice your natural beauty much more. Showing your teeth is a sign of happiness, which is the best tool to attract friendship and love.

You can achieve a stunning smile by establishing a few key habits. This shouldn’t require too heavy an investment in effort or time, just a commitment to taking good care of your teeth.

Follow the tips below to keep your smile bright without having to fork out enormous dental surgery costs.

Brush and floss

Any professional dentist in the world will confirm that flossing is key. Do this every day , after every meal and you will be surprised at the results. Flossing is the best way to get a gorgeous grin and to achieve a better level of oral hygiene overall. Flossing has lot more benefits than just cleaning and preventing gum infection. Flossing also helps remove unsightly stuck food from in between teeth and gums. So make sure you always carry a pocket-sized box of floss in your handbag and sneak in a quick floss in the bathroom or at your desk.

Whitening toothpaste

By replacing your regular toothpaste with a whitening one, you will enjoy excellent stain removal results. A whitening tooth paste also helps control tartar better. Go for a whitening toothpaste which has a non-peroxide, gentle formula which also prevents stains occurring in the future.

Use a whitening kit

Look out for an effective complete whitening kit. These can offer noticeable lightening results in a very short duration. After consulting your dentist, use the kit as per the pack instructions for a fast track beautiful smile and glowing teeth. Apply for around 5-10 minutes twice a day. This again will help keep the cost of tooth lightening down.

Brighten your smile with a lip stain:

To make your smile stand out, apply a bright and bold lipstick. Slather your lips in a lovely red or pink to make your teeth look whiter than ever. Follow this instant trick for astonishing results.

Finally, the golden rule for a winning smile is to make sure you stay happy and content in life, ready to smile and appear just like a celebrity in your own social circles!

What beauty products to pack for your holiday

Think carefully about the make-up products you need to take in your holiday bag. Too few people are aware of travel-friendly products that take up much less space, allowing you to bring more products along. So before you head to your luxurious holiday destination, do not forget to pack these essentials in your case.

Looking fresh

Only pack bottles and pots that are 50ml or less, otherwise your beauty products will be banished to your check-in luggage and you will have no access to them until you reach the other end.

Find beauty kits that contain everything you need on holiday, for example body wash, hydramist, moisturizer, shampoo and face wash. Make sure all the products are fresh and have good nourishing qualities. For babies, find a baby kit with baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby moisturizer and a baby massage oil.

Hair removal

No matter how much you treat yourself before you leave, your hair will keep on growing while you are away. It is difficult to find a reliable beauty therapist while you are in a different country, so it’s better to pack a Ladyshave so you can remove hair yourself, in any situation.

Avoid multi-tasking and take a good sunscreen

Would you waste time standing in front of a mirror when there are stunning places to explore outside? Definitely not! So do not get into multi-tasking by trying to enjoy the place you’re staying in at the same time as working on your beauty regime. Take a skin-care cream which also protects you from the sun, evens out your complexion, reduces your skin imperfections and gives you a healthy glow. One product offering multiple uses will take much less time to apply and you can get out and about much quicker.

Know your limits

It is not a good idea to experiment with new products and make up while you are on holiday. It’s far better to go with what you know and limit the products you pack as much as you can.

For eyes, lips and cheeks, choose a loose power eye-shadow for daytime that also comes with a metallic cream eye shadow for the night. Then simply add some waterproof mascara and a good two-in-one cheek and lip tint.

Take care of your hair

You might already use a hair dryer, hair straightener and curly tongs on a daily basis, but you don’t have to go to all that trouble on holiday. Taking so many hair care devices  is a waste of suitcase space . So go for the mini version of your straightening irons instead, which can be used for both straightening and curling hair . These mini versions also come in dual voltage so you can use them anywhere in the world. Don’t forget, too, that many hotels provide guests with hair dryers in their room.

How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Finding your dream shoes for your big day is not an easy job.

So consider the following tips to help you get exactly what you want.

Window shopping

Start by visiting lots of different shoe shops to see the latest bridal fashions. Take photos, if allowed, and shortlist a few designs to visit again. If you still can’t choose between your final shortlist, then consider coming up with your own personalized design and having it made up for you. Shops which offer such a service normally ask you to select your shoe shape, length of heel and material. Alternatively, you can get shoes dyed if you do not like the colours on offer in the shop.

Get the timing right

It’s better to buy wedding shoes after you have bought the dress. Buying shoes first is definitely not recommended. Decide what kind of shoe you want after checking the length of your gown. Many brides do not mind what kind of shoes they wear at the wedding because of the length of their gown fully hiding their feet. However, shoe choice becomes more critical when the wedding dress reveals your ankles and guests can see more easily what you are wearing on your feet. In this instance, you will need to choose more carefully so that you feel a true princess from head to toe.

Ideally, both items should be bought or ordered at the same time. For example, you might like to order your dress, but tell your designer that you will confirm the full length once you decide on your shoes. You can then select your shoes to match your dress design and then go back to the designer with the exact height of your shoes to allow the final fitting for your wedding dress.

Wear your shoes before the wedding day

It’s not a good idea to wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. So make sure you wear them a few times in the weeks leading up to the wedding day, simply walking around the house. This will help them fit perfectly and ease up.

Match your venue

Go for flats or wedges if the wedding is to take place in a hilly area. Or wear heel protectors. Also check with your venue, as some ban heels to prevent damage to their wooden floors.

Check the weather

If your wedding is happening in winter, then you might like to have a pair of special Wellington Boots on hand so that you can easily walk through any snow.

Statement shoes

Your shoes should be a statement of your personality and style. You might like to check what your friends are wearing before committing to a design. The colour or style of your shoes must be unique and not resemble that of your bridesmaids or mother of the bride/groom. Your shoes must tell the same story that your dress is telling for the perfect co-ordinated bridal look.

How to choose the right sunscreen

Sunscreens are an effective way of protecting the skin from harmful rays when out and about. Sunsceens are always good to apply while on a holiday in a hottest country or a wedding at the beach. More and more options are becoming available in the market to suit varying lifestyles.

Here are some basic things to consider when choosing sunscreen.

Sun Exposure

Each one of us has different levels of exposure to the sun. Think about how much you are exposed to the sun on a daily basis. If you only stay in the sun a short while then you should use a combination of a light sunscreen and moisturiser. You could also choose cosmetics with sunscreen in it, such as foundation.

If you are exposed to the sun more in your daily routine, for instance if you  like playing sport or exercising outdoors, then go for a harder-working sunscreen that offers maximum protection.

If you live near a beach or you enjoy summer vocations in a sandy or hot location, then go for a water resistant sunscreen, which can be easily applied and reapplied.

Physical or Chemical Sunscreens

Sunscreens come in two categories: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They work by reflecting UV rays away from the skin. Chemical sunscreens function by absorbing UV rays. If you are using a chemical sunscreen, then make sure you apply it before moisturisers and makeup. If you are using a physical sunscreen then do it the other way round; applying moisturiser first and then the sunscreen. Sunscreens can also be catagorised as both types.

Consult a dermatologist if itching starts after applying sunscreen. Some people’s skin reacts to zinc oxide after prolonged use of the physical sunscreen. It’s best to speak to your dermatologist when choosing your sunscreen so that you can be sure of buying the right kind for your skin and levels of sun exposure.

Fake tan users

If you are using fake tan, then do not assume it will also offer adequate protection against UV rays. Use a separate sunscreen as well. Or find a fake tan lotion which has sunscreen in it. However, bear in mind that the length of protection varies for standard sunscreen and tanning products. Sunscreens provide, on average, protection of about two hours, whereas protection provided by tanning sunscreen may not last as long.

Why we should not be embarrassed to ask for cash as a wedding gift

Many people see cash as a totally inappropriate gift for the wedding. Its an important topic to discuss, therefore, because it needn’t cause any unease when suggested in the right way. First, guests may not be fully aware of the couple’s tastes and secondly, it’s a busy world and not everyone can spend ages finding the best gift. In the past, gifts were traditionally given for the couple to place in their house as a decorative addition or useful item for the cupboards. Nowadays, people are happier to break with tradition and consider other options.

Many traditionalists do not welcome the idea of giving money as a gift, they treat cash as a social faux pas. They like the memories associated with gifts. One might look back at it in 50 years and be happy with the fact that someone took the time to choose and give it as a unique gift. However, we need to realise the fact that many couples now prefer to receive cash to put towards larger purchases, holidays or house deposits. According to a survey based on 1,000 couples, 44% of couples prefer guests to give cash. 29% would opt for personally chosen gifts and only 12% choose a registry.

The results from the survey were explained as follows:

Couples are marrying later in life, funding the wedding themselves.

Many couples are already living together and already have a house full of the stuff they need to decorate or run it. For them, cash would be a better investment as they begin their married life.

Cash has a number of benefits, such as being used to help pay off the mortgagees and to spend money on any children in the household.

So guests should think in a realistic manner what would be better for the couple and whether they would benefit more from cash to use for their honeymoon or to add to a fund for a better life. So it’s time to challenge the traditions and think how you can wish the couple well, while putting aside your own gift-buying preferences.

In addition to benefitting the couple, presenting cash can also make the guests feel good. It can be more convenient to give money, it can be safer to transfer funds to the couple’s bank, rather than transporting expensive gifts across the country and you can even enjoy special offers on other Community First products, for example home loans, credit cards and travel insurance for the honeymoon.

How to organise your Wardrobe

It’s so annoying to see a messed up wardrobe. An organised wardrobe, on the other hand, gives a feeling of supreme accomplishment and satisfaction.

However well-intentioned you might be, your wardrobe will inevitably get messed up, especiallyat the change of a season. Many people wardrobes are a mash up of autumn, winter and spring clothing, all jostling for room inside.

Keeping too many clothes in your wardrobe makes it difficult to find the garment of your choice every morning. Eventually, things hit crisis point and you end up feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Here are some tips to arrange your wardrobe.

Allow plenty of time

Sorting out your wardrobe is not an easy job, so do not forget to allocate at least two hours to the task. Secondly, never arrange your wardrobe in bit and pieces; you actually need to tackle everything at the same time to get your job done properly.

Empty your wardrobe

Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and throwing all your things on your bed. Make several piles to see what is going back in and what needs to be stored elsewhere, sold or recycled. Now, work through each pile in a systematic manner and see what you need to make your priority.

Clothes usage and condition

Place new and good condition clothes that you wear often in the middle and front of your wardrobe, so that you can pick them out whenever you need them. Make a separate section for party dresses, wedding dresses and formal wear. Be ruthless. If you love a party dress, but it is worn out, let it go and try to sell it on if you can. If it is still in a good enough condition for you to get more wear out of it somewhere new, then place it somewhere nearer the back, making sure you can still reach it if needs be. Put the opposite season’s clothes in another wardrobe if you have space in the room, or pack them away in storage boxes using acid-free tissue paper.

Charity clothes

Create a charity pile for dresses and outfits which are not right for you anymore. Plan where you would like to send these clothes as a donation and make sure you take the clothes along sooner rather than later as they will annoy you if they hang around your bedroom for too long.

Make a throw out pile

A throw-out pile must include clothes which are too worn, too stained or which cannot be repaired. It’s better not to send really damaged clothes to charity, since volunteers will need to work extra hard to make them wearable and it may not be worth their while.

Have a variety of hangers

Since, you have a variety of dresses so you should have the same variety in hangers to help lengthen the life of your clothes. Go for flocked hangers from top quality brands. This will save a lot of space in the wardrobe. You can also buy fancy timber hangers which offer more vertical space for longer garments.

Arrange by colour

Many people like to arrange clothes by colour. For example, grouping all tees and tops together and then ordering them from white to black along the colour spectrum. This shows any colour gaps you may have in your clothing collection and helps you find the shade you need more easily when getting dressed.

Get help if you need it

If you can’t or don’t want to arrange your wardrobe by yourself, then phone a friend to help you out. Just tell your friend what you want to keep and what you don’t and ask him or her for suggestions if you are unsure. Keep the clothes you feel good in and ditch the rest; perhaps your friend might be able to make use of them instead?

Make a list of things you need

As you are putting things back in the wardrobe, check if you need to buy any new clothes by analysing the gaps. For example, are you missing any jeans, shorts, trousers, dresses and shoes in neutral or colours?

Go shopping with your list in your hand

Take the list of wardrobe gaps  with you next time you hit the shops. Just concentrate on that list and do not buy anything else that you might be tempted by.