Create the perfect style with Jeans and a Tee

‘Jeans and a tee’ needn’t be boring. If you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with the combination, you can look stunning and attain a great, classic look. If you are a diehard fan of ‘jeans and a tee’ and cannot imagine yourself wearing any other clothes, then remember that the outfit can look polished and professional if the clothes fit well. Loose jeans and a sloppy tee will never give you the quality look you are seeking. Start by purchasing the right kind of bra and then you can start trying out different looks. Getting this basic aspect right will make a huge difference.

Here are some more tips to help you get rid of the frumpy look and look great in jeans and a tee.

Throw a blazer over your tee; especially if it has agraphic pattern. Choose classy flats or heels to finish off a look that is amazing for work.

Be inspired by ever-stylish Erica Ehm and top your jeans with a solid stunning moto jacket and impressive boots. That will make heads turn.

Achieve a classic ladylike look by wearing an awesome, well-fitted trench coat over the top. Add simple flats with good quality dark skinny jeans.

Add a colourful printed scarf to your jeans and tee outfit. Just drape it around your neck and enjoy the look. Go through some Facebook or Pinterest pages to find out different ways to tie it. Scarves tend to go with everything. The other advantage of wearing a scarf is that it will keep you warm in winter.

Another great way to enhance your look is by wearing nice jewellery. While you wear jeans and a tee, add some bangles and a nice pair of earrings. You can wear such jewellery with or without a scarf; either way, it will look make you look trendy and fashionable.

Belts do not only look good on dresses. Slot a belt through the waist loops of your jeans to help tuck in your tee and accentuate your waist. Simple belts in an elegant shade would look great. If you want to bring more drama, then you can wear something more striking like a leopard belt.

Minimalistic isn’t a bad thing. If it’s too warm to wear a scarf, grab a single or multi-strand, long necklace and sling it over your tee. Slip on your shoes, grab your bag and go.



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