Celebrities Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Grace Kelly

grace kelly wedding dress

Royal Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding with Prince Rainier of Monaco was dubbed as ”the Wedding of the Century”. Her dress designer was Helen Rose, who was a costume designer for MGM. This off-white gown had a graceful high-collar, girdle waist and full skirt. The couple’s wedding outfits completely complimenting each other.

Elizabeth Taylor


When Elizabeth Taylor had her first marriage at the age of 18, she wore a sateen gown which reportedly costed $1500 which was a really the highest amount of that time. This dress has a beautiful floor length umbrella-shaped bottom with lares in it which looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl wore this sizzling beautiful white gown with ultra-shining embroidery on it. Her wedding with Dr. Alex Karav took place back in year 2009.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez wore a dazzling mishmace of lace prints and a funky pearls sleeve. Her marriage with Chris Judd took place back in 2001 who also directed her famous song ”Love don’t cost a thing”.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine’s wedding gown is popular for its being excessively expensive; which had ivory sheath with a lace train and perfectly suited the bride. The wedding cost a reported $1.5 million.


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