What Makes Wedding Car Perfect?


Since 1897, wedding cars are liked and used by the wedding couple and their families. Wagonette was used as the world’s first wedding horseless carriage.¬†Some people love using new exotic brands whereas others even select used cars as a wedding car but with nice decoration and shiny polish.

The wedding beauty gets double when the bride and groom come out of the car outside the church and rides off in the sunset when the function gets over. Wedding cars never had a decline in the past, people renovate the entire design with excessive creativity and appeal. If you are planning a wedding in 2014, I suggest you, following great tips for making best wedding car selection:

1. Retro Cars

When you hear the name ”Retro Car”, you think it must be from the early 1950’s. But the idea here is to use choose something which show bride and groom’s creativity and intelligence in choosing something old and redefining its beauty on their wedding day.

2. Flowers Decoration

To achieve the cultural touch, you can use lovely flowers over the surface of the car. You can take inspiration from cultural heritage and natural architectures while doing it.

3. Signage innovation

Many wedding couples love writing ”Just Married” on the back window of the car. The same thing can be done with so much of creativity for example stitching the letters with ultra-stylish silk fabric, a ribbon on the corner for the enhancement etc.

4. Wedding Theme

Your car should be a compliment for the entire wedding theme. Even if its a traditional, modern, formal or informal wedding; the car should not look awkward. If you are using balloons, ribbons or flowers on the car, make sure all of them match the wedding theme and the dresses.

5. Creative Wedding Car Photography

Bride and groom’s photographs come really wonderful standing beside the car. You must have seen and admired it yourself; and this is so much common these days. There are much more unique ways to accomplish it in the best way possible. The car further explains the whole love story about you and your spouse.