How to organise your Wardrobe

It’s so annoying to see a messed up wardrobe. An organised wardrobe, on the other hand, gives a feeling of supreme accomplishment and satisfaction.

However well-intentioned you might be, your wardrobe will inevitably get messed up, especiallyat the change of a season. Many people wardrobes are a mash up of autumn, winter and spring clothing, all jostling for room inside.

Keeping too many clothes in your wardrobe makes it difficult to find the garment of your choice every morning. Eventually, things hit crisis point and you end up feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Here are some tips to arrange your wardrobe.

Allow plenty of time

Sorting out your wardrobe is not an easy job, so do not forget to allocate at least two hours to the task. Secondly, never arrange your wardrobe in bit and pieces; you actually need to tackle everything at the same time to get your job done properly.

Empty your wardrobe

Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and throwing all your things on your bed. Make several piles to see what is going back in and what needs to be stored elsewhere, sold or recycled. Now, work through each pile in a systematic manner and see what you need to make your priority.

Clothes usage and condition

Place new and good condition clothes that you wear often in the middle and front of your wardrobe, so that you can pick them out whenever you need them. Make a separate section for party dresses, wedding dresses and formal wear. Be ruthless. If you love a party dress, but it is worn out, let it go and try to sell it on if you can. If it is still in a good enough condition for you to get more wear out of it somewhere new, then place it somewhere nearer the back, making sure you can still reach it if needs be. Put the opposite season’s clothes in another wardrobe if you have space in the room, or pack them away in storage boxes using acid-free tissue paper.

Charity clothes

Create a charity pile for dresses and outfits which are not right for you anymore. Plan where you would like to send these clothes as a donation and make sure you take the clothes along sooner rather than later as they will annoy you if they hang around your bedroom for too long.

Make a throw out pile

A throw-out pile must include clothes which are too worn, too stained or which cannot be repaired. It’s better not to send really damaged clothes to charity, since volunteers will need to work extra hard to make them wearable and it may not be worth their while.

Have a variety of hangers

Since, you have a variety of dresses so you should have the same variety in hangers to help lengthen the life of your clothes. Go for flocked hangers from top quality brands. This will save a lot of space in the wardrobe. You can also buy fancy timber hangers which offer more vertical space for longer garments.

Arrange by colour

Many people like to arrange clothes by colour. For example, grouping all tees and tops together and then ordering them from white to black along the colour spectrum. This shows any colour gaps you may have in your clothing collection and helps you find the shade you need more easily when getting dressed.

Get help if you need it

If you can’t or don’t want to arrange your wardrobe by yourself, then phone a friend to help you out. Just tell your friend what you want to keep and what you don’t and ask him or her for suggestions if you are unsure. Keep the clothes you feel good in and ditch the rest; perhaps your friend might be able to make use of them instead?

Make a list of things you need

As you are putting things back in the wardrobe, check if you need to buy any new clothes by analysing the gaps. For example, are you missing any jeans, shorts, trousers, dresses and shoes in neutral or colours?

Go shopping with your list in your hand

Take the list of wardrobe gaps  with you next time you hit the shops. Just concentrate on that list and do not buy anything else that you might be tempted by.


Resounding Praise for Amal Alamuddin’s Designer Wedding Style

amal alamuddin

Human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin looked stunning in a series of designer wedding outfits when she tied the knot earlier this month. Her look came courtesy of several top designers, including Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney Giambattista Valli and Dolce & Gabbana.

Amal Alamuddin, 36, married actor George Clooney in a romantic ceremony in Venice. She received huge plaudits from everyone thanks to her incredible Hollywood-inspired style.

Amal wore several outfits during her wedding celebrations. Fashion magazine, Vogue, published many pictures of her look, including her main off-the-shoulder wedding gown, covered in flowing layers of beautiful net material and designed by Oscar de la Renta.

“George and I wanted a wedding that was romantic and elegant, and I can’t imagine anyone more able than Oscar to capture this mood in a dress,” the British-Lebanese bride told Vogue. The editor of the magazine, Anna Wintour, attended the wedding and noted “she stands resplendent in her dress.”

De La Renta, who designs dreamy, feminine dresses, created Alamddin’s post wedding outfit too, which Vogue described as a “festive, Gatsby-style party frock’’. George Clooney looked dapper too, in a wedding suit designed by Giorgio Armani.

The couple’s wedding has been compared with the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in April 2011.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is now a style icon for many, as her dresses represent the very best of high fashion. She features regularly in Vanity Fair’s annual best dressed lists.

Amal and George’s wedding was attended by several celebrities, including Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Cindy Crawford and was captured by photographers following the couple throughout the weekend as they celebrated their wedding at a series of events.

Amal changed her look for her civil wedding ceremony, swapping her bridal dress for a chic white trouser and top, offset with black trim, which was created by British designer, Stella McCartney. The outfit drew on effortless coastal fashion; a theme already embraced by Amal as she arrived in Venice in a black and white Dolce & Gabbana maxi dress.

The new Mrs. Clooney left Venice by speedboat, dressed in an embroidered bell skirted dress by Italian designer, Giambattista Valli.

The Art of wearing Printed Trousers


You should not fear wearing printed trousers. Follow the tips below and have fun wearing them.

The appropriate fit

The first thing to get right in a printed pair of trousers is fitting and size. Make sure your selected trousers have the right cut to suit your body shape. Petite figures should go for a cropped, slim-fitted shape, like Olivia Palermo, whereas a bootleg style will suit a pear shape better. If you wear a high waist, it will the impression of give longer legs, regardless of your shape and size.

The right balance

The biggest drawback of wearing printed trousers is choosing the wrong top for the trousers’ pattern. One can look like a clown without the right balance. If you are going to wear colourful bottoms, make sure you chose a plain shade on top to achieve the right match. Your look must be cohesive and designer patterns must not look unbalanced.

The right trend

Choose the right trend. The best way to do this is to seewhat’s hot right now and pay tribute to it, for example by choosing a fashionable motif and a black base. Go for super-slimming printed patterns with a dark background. Wear a lighter colour on top , with smooth sandals. For a perfect weekend look, see Emma Stone in the picture below.

Be wise with colours

Choose your colours wisely for printed trousers. Decide if you want to go for one standout colour and keep others in a lower key. Match colours wisely and make sure it compliments your skin texture and tone.

Keep it simple

Use a more relaxed vibe and go with a simple plain t-shirt over more fancy trousers. Wear smart shoes in the same colour as the top for an effortlessly elegant style.

Spots (and stripes) together

Mixing spots and stripes together can result in an effective, nautical look.

Animal prints

If you like the head-to-toe leopard look, go for it and rock yourself completely with this trend. The patterned two-piece look will look more than awesome.

How to Wear Velvet with Style

Velvet does not have a good reputation. Not all fabrics encounter such kind of mass distaste in masses. People make fun of it more than its sister, velour. With bad party dresses, crumpled bottoms and overly embellished gowns, velvet can be hell to wear. Velvet is popular with many subcultures, from goths to punks, in which women seek to achieve vampiric appearances. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie still wear velvet on the red carpet.


Jennifer Lawrence, who is currently one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, was seen wearing velvet in a petrol blue shade at a New York world premiere. She dressed up for her new flick, X-Men: Days Of Future Past.  Her choice has largely been criticized as being unfashionable and old-looking. However, the simplicity in the dress is its plus point.

The question arises; can velvet be recognized as a favorable material?  Used sparingly, velvet is always acceptable, for example on a coat with velvet trim. Velvet is one of those fabrics, where less most deinfitely means more.

Velvet causes problems when you wear it from head to toe. Velvet dresses always look hot because of its deep, thick pile, making it seem more appropriate for a Siberian adventure. Velvet suits can work in red, but even then one should have a skin show suitable to to the style of the dress.  Just to remind everyone at the party that you have not dressed up for a theatre or television drama, but for a party.

Always go through all the cautions before you decide to wear velvet. It’s a context-base dress as it looks perfect for a Halloween show or any cultural festival.

Bride wore a dress already wore by two ladies, happily.

Wedding dress is a dream dress for every bride and groom in this world. The couples worldwide try to wear newly fashionably designed dresses; some even don’t mind wearing expensive designer outfits and some go to an extent of making the dress with costly emeralds. But there are those who give a great weightage to love and respect in their lives and go for simplicity. Recently, a bride wore a dress worn by two generations of her family.

Lucy getting married to Mark

Lucy Popocic who is 31 years old, got married in a beautiful long white gown that was first worn by her grandmother Mel Calder, 87, in 1950. After 25 years of this wedding, Lucy’s mother Penny Dafforn wore the same wedding outft in 1974.

Initially, Ms. Calder bought the dress for 6 guineas which is equivalent to almost £170 today. Now, the same dress has been worn by Ms. Lucy from when she got married to her partner Mark who is 35 years of age.

The dress however needed cleaning. That was done with blended material of aspirin and white vinegar which brought newness to the dress and bride looked fresh and lovely.

Edith Head’s 116th Birthday celebrated on Google’s homepage.

edith head

Google is celebrating 116th’s birthday of the greatest designer Edith Head today, whom work and fashion-designing theories are still convincing and beneficial for new fashion-generations. Doodlers have perfectly published her on the homepage with different ladies in costume designs which is articulating her work brightly and beautifully.

The design is also giving a message of Edith’s achievement as it shows Edith is on the stage with her brilliant work shown at the back where ladies are wearing dresses which have set trends for years and years.

Edith Head’s ideas and successful work has made her win eight academy awards. Because of the exceptional nature of her fashion ideas and providing an impressionable influence; the lady also been recognized as the only one winning eight academy awards in allover the industry. It’s very important to mention and a learning for new fashion designers that Edith Head never had any experience prior starting and entering into the industry of art; she was hired by the Paramount Pictures at the outset in the costume department.

Edith Head has been a great contributor to film industry and has managed to achieve a Hollywood star in the walk of fame which is located at 6969 Hollywood Boulevard.

Fashion designing is one of the most rising industry among all industries as the customer demand is not even based on fashion-need but also fashion-wants. In today time and age, many fashion designers have been remarkable contribution to fashion-needs as they are fulfilling massive customer demands. The area has been diversified at large; e.g. simple and bridal wears, mother of the bridemother of the groom outfits, party wears and much more are offered to customers to enhance their personalities.

Celebrities Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Grace Kelly

grace kelly wedding dress

Royal Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding with Prince Rainier of Monaco was dubbed as ”the Wedding of the Century”. Her dress designer was Helen Rose, who was a costume designer for MGM. This off-white gown had a graceful high-collar, girdle waist and full skirt. The couple’s wedding outfits completely complimenting each other.

Elizabeth Taylor


When Elizabeth Taylor had her first marriage at the age of 18, she wore a sateen gown which reportedly costed $1500 which was a really the highest amount of that time. This dress has a beautiful floor length umbrella-shaped bottom with lares in it which looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl wore this sizzling beautiful white gown with ultra-shining embroidery on it. Her wedding with Dr. Alex Karav took place back in year 2009.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez wore a dazzling mishmace of lace prints and a funky pearls sleeve. Her marriage with Chris Judd took place back in 2001 who also directed her famous song ”Love don’t cost a thing”.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine’s wedding gown is popular for its being excessively expensive; which had ivory sheath with a lace train and perfectly suited the bride. The wedding cost a reported $1.5 million.