How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Finding your dream shoes for your big day is not an easy job.

So consider the following tips to help you get exactly what you want.

Window shopping

Start by visiting lots of different shoe shops to see the latest bridal fashions. Take photos, if allowed, and shortlist a few designs to visit again. If you still can’t choose between your final shortlist, then consider coming up with your own personalized design and having it made up for you. Shops which offer such a service normally ask you to select your shoe shape, length of heel and material. Alternatively, you can get shoes dyed if you do not like the colours on offer in the shop.

Get the timing right

It’s better to buy wedding shoes after you have bought the dress. Buying shoes first is definitely not recommended. Decide what kind of shoe you want after checking the length of your gown. Many brides do not mind what kind of shoes they wear at the wedding because of the length of their gown fully hiding their feet. However, shoe choice becomes more critical when the wedding dress reveals your ankles and guests can see more easily what you are wearing on your feet. In this instance, you will need to choose more carefully so that you feel a true princess from head to toe.

Ideally, both items should be bought or ordered at the same time. For example, you might like to order your dress, but tell your designer that you will confirm the full length once you decide on your shoes. You can then select your shoes to match your dress design and then go back to the designer with the exact height of your shoes to allow the final fitting for your wedding dress.

Wear your shoes before the wedding day

It’s not a good idea to wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. So make sure you wear them a few times in the weeks leading up to the wedding day, simply walking around the house. This will help them fit perfectly and ease up.

Match your venue

Go for flats or wedges if the wedding is to take place in a hilly area. Or wear heel protectors. Also check with your venue, as some ban heels to prevent damage to their wooden floors.

Check the weather

If your wedding is happening in winter, then you might like to have a pair of special Wellington Boots on hand so that you can easily walk through any snow.

Statement shoes

Your shoes should be a statement of your personality and style. You might like to check what your friends are wearing before committing to a design. The colour or style of your shoes must be unique and not resemble that of your bridesmaids or mother of the bride/groom. Your shoes must tell the same story that your dress is telling for the perfect co-ordinated bridal look.


Smoky Eye Makeup Tips For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Here we are introducing the smoky eye make up look. The original tutorial is by Bycelina who blend the whole look with pinky shades along with dazzling smoky eyes. We thought it would look perfect on you while you wear it on your best friend’s wedding.


1. Strat applying the black base colour on the lid. Make sure you apply it up to the crease by using mac blackground.


2. Now start applying blackish pink on top of the black cream base you just have finished. You can use blackish pink from the palette and apply it with Mac 239. This color would look absolutely amazing. Repeat the same underneath the eye, now blend out the edges to cover the disarrangement of harsh lines.


3. Now  with gel eye liner or a pencil eye liner, draw a black line along lashline and smudge it out to get a smoky effect. You can carry out this work by using Bobbi Brown Bllack ink gel liner and give a blurring effect with a sigma E20 brush.



 4. Now its time to apply mascara, and artificial lashes. You can use Ardell wispies, Lancome L extreme mascara and YSL volume effect mascara. Apply the highlighter in the inner corner and on the brow bone. Use the most lightest shade in the palette.



Enjoy the final look 😉


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What should be the complete look for mother of the bride?

Bride wore a dress already wore by two ladies, happily.

Wedding dress is a dream dress for every bride and groom in this world. The couples worldwide try to wear newly fashionably designed dresses; some even don’t mind wearing expensive designer outfits and some go to an extent of making the dress with costly emeralds. But there are those who give a great weightage to love and respect in their lives and go for simplicity. Recently, a bride wore a dress worn by two generations of her family.

Lucy getting married to Mark

Lucy Popocic who is 31 years old, got married in a beautiful long white gown that was first worn by her grandmother Mel Calder, 87, in 1950. After 25 years of this wedding, Lucy’s mother Penny Dafforn wore the same wedding outft in 1974.

Initially, Ms. Calder bought the dress for 6 guineas which is equivalent to almost £170 today. Now, the same dress has been worn by Ms. Lucy from when she got married to her partner Mark who is 35 years of age.

The dress however needed cleaning. That was done with blended material of aspirin and white vinegar which brought newness to the dress and bride looked fresh and lovely.

Edith Head’s 116th Birthday celebrated on Google’s homepage.

edith head

Google is celebrating 116th’s birthday of the greatest designer Edith Head today, whom work and fashion-designing theories are still convincing and beneficial for new fashion-generations. Doodlers have perfectly published her on the homepage with different ladies in costume designs which is articulating her work brightly and beautifully.

The design is also giving a message of Edith’s achievement as it shows Edith is on the stage with her brilliant work shown at the back where ladies are wearing dresses which have set trends for years and years.

Edith Head’s ideas and successful work has made her win eight academy awards. Because of the exceptional nature of her fashion ideas and providing an impressionable influence; the lady also been recognized as the only one winning eight academy awards in allover the industry. It’s very important to mention and a learning for new fashion designers that Edith Head never had any experience prior starting and entering into the industry of art; she was hired by the Paramount Pictures at the outset in the costume department.

Edith Head has been a great contributor to film industry and has managed to achieve a Hollywood star in the walk of fame which is located at 6969 Hollywood Boulevard.

Fashion designing is one of the most rising industry among all industries as the customer demand is not even based on fashion-need but also fashion-wants. In today time and age, many fashion designers have been remarkable contribution to fashion-needs as they are fulfilling massive customer demands. The area has been diversified at large; e.g. simple and bridal wears, mother of the bridemother of the groom outfits, party wears and much more are offered to customers to enhance their personalities.

Celebrities Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Grace Kelly

grace kelly wedding dress

Royal Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding with Prince Rainier of Monaco was dubbed as ”the Wedding of the Century”. Her dress designer was Helen Rose, who was a costume designer for MGM. This off-white gown had a graceful high-collar, girdle waist and full skirt. The couple’s wedding outfits completely complimenting each other.

Elizabeth Taylor


When Elizabeth Taylor had her first marriage at the age of 18, she wore a sateen gown which reportedly costed $1500 which was a really the highest amount of that time. This dress has a beautiful floor length umbrella-shaped bottom with lares in it which looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl wore this sizzling beautiful white gown with ultra-shining embroidery on it. Her wedding with Dr. Alex Karav took place back in year 2009.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez wore a dazzling mishmace of lace prints and a funky pearls sleeve. Her marriage with Chris Judd took place back in 2001 who also directed her famous song ”Love don’t cost a thing”.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine’s wedding gown is popular for its being excessively expensive; which had ivory sheath with a lace train and perfectly suited the bride. The wedding cost a reported $1.5 million.

What should be the complete look for mother of the bride?

Mother of the bride hairstyle


  1. Make sure you try a new hair style well before the wedding day to see if you look good in that to avoid last-minute disaster.
  2. Go for a bob haircut with the partition on one side or may be in the middle which will give you a classy look. You may also go for a professional blow dry to further enhance your personality and achieving grace. If you have long hair then keep the length till shoulder otherwise it will not look neat and tidy; taking into consideration your age. Soft curls will also look nice as a symbol of simplicity.
  3. Having your original hair color as grey or white; you must go for some professional advice what new color to choose rather than choosing black because black will give you a very sharp and artificial look.
  4. Always go for accessorizing your hair with pearls because it looks both stylish and trendy. Make sure you wear it in the right way and do not over do yourself with it. For more tips and images, Click here!

Mother of the bride outfit


  1. Deciding the best color is a very important decision. Never go for white, cream or ivory otherwise your dress will resemble with that of your daughter’s.
  2. You must consult mother of the groom and ask her what she is wearing. The theme of colors and designs for both the mothers should be different.
  3. Dress length should be different for day or night function. For example, if the wedding is taking place in the evening then your dress should have floor length or tea length. However, if its a day function; you can go for more creativity.
  4. Always go for the online search because of wide range of availability there, reading tips by award-winning designers, comparison prices and so much more.
  5. If you are slim, then choose the dress with the belt or ribbon tied waste to add emphasis to your narrow part. Click here to see mother of the bride outfits!

Mother of the bride Jewellery


  1. The key to look graceful and simple yet smart and fashionable is to let one jewellery piece shine on you. For example, it could be chandelier earrings, shimmering necklace or may be a bold shiny ring.
  2. If the wedding is taking place in a garden or at a beach then to have the same feel, go for some naturally hand-made stuff. For example, jewellery with shell stones in a long strand necklaces will exactly go with the wedding charisma at a beach.
  3. Your jewellery should not overpower your dress but significantly complements your outfit.
  4. Always go for the jewellery which is a current fashion and that should not be out-dated. So that when you see your pictures in 10 years from now; you wont be embarrassed you wore something out of fashion. Click here to see wide range of jewellery stuff!

Mother of the bride shoes


  1. Comfort is the most important factor to go for keeping in view the fatigue and responsibility on mother of the bride. You have to make sure the shoes you are selecting should both be fashionable and comfortable.
  2. Its not always necessary to choose the shoes which is of the same color as your outfit; you can pick shoes in a contrasting color that compliments your gown.
  3. If the wedding has been planned with a lot of dance and fun, then opt for something which has slip-resistent soles. If the wedding is taking place outside, then select shoes which makes you feel easy walking on uneven surfaces.
  4. Wear your shoes well before the wedding day and walk on a carpet at your house to get them worn in a bit before the big day arrival. Click here to see elegant shoe designs!