How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Finding your dream shoes for your big day is not an easy job.

So consider the following tips to help you get exactly what you want.

Window shopping

Start by visiting lots of different shoe shops to see the latest bridal fashions. Take photos, if allowed, and shortlist a few designs to visit again. If you still can’t choose between your final shortlist, then consider coming up with your own personalized design and having it made up for you. Shops which offer such a service normally ask you to select your shoe shape, length of heel and material. Alternatively, you can get shoes dyed if you do not like the colours on offer in the shop.

Get the timing right

It’s better to buy wedding shoes after you have bought the dress. Buying shoes first is definitely not recommended. Decide what kind of shoe you want after checking the length of your gown. Many brides do not mind what kind of shoes they wear at the wedding because of the length of their gown fully hiding their feet. However, shoe choice becomes more critical when the wedding dress reveals your ankles and guests can see more easily what you are wearing on your feet. In this instance, you will need to choose more carefully so that you feel a true princess from head to toe.

Ideally, both items should be bought or ordered at the same time. For example, you might like to order your dress, but tell your designer that you will confirm the full length once you decide on your shoes. You can then select your shoes to match your dress design and then go back to the designer with the exact height of your shoes to allow the final fitting for your wedding dress.

Wear your shoes before the wedding day

It’s not a good idea to wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. So make sure you wear them a few times in the weeks leading up to the wedding day, simply walking around the house. This will help them fit perfectly and ease up.

Match your venue

Go for flats or wedges if the wedding is to take place in a hilly area. Or wear heel protectors. Also check with your venue, as some ban heels to prevent damage to their wooden floors.

Check the weather

If your wedding is happening in winter, then you might like to have a pair of special Wellington Boots on hand so that you can easily walk through any snow.

Statement shoes

Your shoes should be a statement of your personality and style. You might like to check what your friends are wearing before committing to a design. The colour or style of your shoes must be unique and not resemble that of your bridesmaids or mother of the bride/groom. Your shoes must tell the same story that your dress is telling for the perfect co-ordinated bridal look.


Why we should not be embarrassed to ask for cash as a wedding gift

Many people see cash as a totally inappropriate gift for the wedding. Its an important topic to discuss, therefore, because it needn’t cause any unease when suggested in the right way. First, guests may not be fully aware of the couple’s tastes and secondly, it’s a busy world and not everyone can spend ages finding the best gift. In the past, gifts were traditionally given for the couple to place in their house as a decorative addition or useful item for the cupboards. Nowadays, people are happier to break with tradition and consider other options.

Many traditionalists do not welcome the idea of giving money as a gift, they treat cash as a social faux pas. They like the memories associated with gifts. One might look back at it in 50 years and be happy with the fact that someone took the time to choose and give it as a unique gift. However, we need to realise the fact that many couples now prefer to receive cash to put towards larger purchases, holidays or house deposits. According to a survey based on 1,000 couples, 44% of couples prefer guests to give cash. 29% would opt for personally chosen gifts and only 12% choose a registry.

The results from the survey were explained as follows:

Couples are marrying later in life, funding the wedding themselves.

Many couples are already living together and already have a house full of the stuff they need to decorate or run it. For them, cash would be a better investment as they begin their married life.

Cash has a number of benefits, such as being used to help pay off the mortgagees and to spend money on any children in the household.

So guests should think in a realistic manner what would be better for the couple and whether they would benefit more from cash to use for their honeymoon or to add to a fund for a better life. So it’s time to challenge the traditions and think how you can wish the couple well, while putting aside your own gift-buying preferences.

In addition to benefitting the couple, presenting cash can also make the guests feel good. It can be more convenient to give money, it can be safer to transfer funds to the couple’s bank, rather than transporting expensive gifts across the country and you can even enjoy special offers on other Community First products, for example home loans, credit cards and travel insurance for the honeymoon.

Edith Head’s 116th Birthday celebrated on Google’s homepage.

edith head

Google is celebrating 116th’s birthday of the greatest designer Edith Head today, whom work and fashion-designing theories are still convincing and beneficial for new fashion-generations. Doodlers have perfectly published her on the homepage with different ladies in costume designs which is articulating her work brightly and beautifully.

The design is also giving a message of Edith’s achievement as it shows Edith is on the stage with her brilliant work shown at the back where ladies are wearing dresses which have set trends for years and years.

Edith Head’s ideas and successful work has made her win eight academy awards. Because of the exceptional nature of her fashion ideas and providing an impressionable influence; the lady also been recognized as the only one winning eight academy awards in allover the industry. It’s very important to mention and a learning for new fashion designers that Edith Head never had any experience prior starting and entering into the industry of art; she was hired by the Paramount Pictures at the outset in the costume department.

Edith Head has been a great contributor to film industry and has managed to achieve a Hollywood star in the walk of fame which is located at 6969 Hollywood Boulevard.

Fashion designing is one of the most rising industry among all industries as the customer demand is not even based on fashion-need but also fashion-wants. In today time and age, many fashion designers have been remarkable contribution to fashion-needs as they are fulfilling massive customer demands. The area has been diversified at large; e.g. simple and bridal wears, mother of the bridemother of the groom outfits, party wears and much more are offered to customers to enhance their personalities.