How to have a smile like a celebrity


The secret behind a celeb-worthy smile is flawless teeth. There is a great appeal associated with showing a set of gleaming pearly whites; people pay  you attention and notice your natural beauty much more. Showing your teeth is a sign of happiness, which is the best tool to attract friendship and love.

You can achieve a stunning smile by establishing a few key habits. This shouldn’t require too heavy an investment in effort or time, just a commitment to taking good care of your teeth.

Follow the tips below to keep your smile bright without having to fork out enormous dental surgery costs.

Brush and floss

Any professional dentist in the world will confirm that flossing is key. Do this every day , after every meal and you will be surprised at the results. Flossing is the best way to get a gorgeous grin and to achieve a better level of oral hygiene overall. Flossing has lot more benefits than just cleaning and preventing gum infection. Flossing also helps remove unsightly stuck food from in between teeth and gums. So make sure you always carry a pocket-sized box of floss in your handbag and sneak in a quick floss in the bathroom or at your desk.

Whitening toothpaste

By replacing your regular toothpaste with a whitening one, you will enjoy excellent stain removal results. A whitening tooth paste also helps control tartar better. Go for a whitening toothpaste which has a non-peroxide, gentle formula which also prevents stains occurring in the future.

Use a whitening kit

Look out for an effective complete whitening kit. These can offer noticeable lightening results in a very short duration. After consulting your dentist, use the kit as per the pack instructions for a fast track beautiful smile and glowing teeth. Apply for around 5-10 minutes twice a day. This again will help keep the cost of tooth lightening down.

Brighten your smile with a lip stain:

To make your smile stand out, apply a bright and bold lipstick. Slather your lips in a lovely red or pink to make your teeth look whiter than ever. Follow this instant trick for astonishing results.

Finally, the golden rule for a winning smile is to make sure you stay happy and content in life, ready to smile and appear just like a celebrity in your own social circles!


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