The Truth about Beauty

It’s important for all women to know that beauty is not just about outward appearances and applying cosmetics, but also about who you are inside. What makes a person beautiful is the struggles and challenges they face in life, and the hard work it takes to triumph over them.

So when a woman turns 40, her youth may start to fade from her face and she might feel sad that she is not quite so youthful anymore. But she must realise that wrinkles cannot alter her spirits unless she lets them.

With age comes a grace and beauty that transcends the physical form. So a message to all those women out there is to live your life to the max. Revel in your personality and be proud of your courage and determination that is so often reflected in your conversations and decisions.

Age has nothing to do with wisdom. Confidence and influence comes from honest intentions and actions, and these shape real women’s beauty – inside and out. It’s so important for your self-esteem that you accept your age and love yourself the way you are.

So never ask why the backs of your arms ae so jiggly, or why your skin is so loose? Don’t panic if you catch your hair turning white? Remember, there are two ways you can live your life: through peals of laughter or buckets of tears. Make happiness your biggest cosmetic tool – after all, tears make your eyes look all puffy, so its much better to choose laughter instead.

Try to embrace each passing year and enjoy each and every day. Beautiful people do not let age alone identify them. They know it’s their soul and their experience that offer the most pleasing recognition.

Also remember that, no matter how expensive your cosmetics are, they may make you look nice for a bit, but they will not be able to turn the clock back 20 years. Instead of reaching for a paper bag to put over your head, tell yourself that you have come a long way and and are still growng in wisdom and grace every single year.

The wisdom, empathy, tolerance you now possess was just not there 20 years ago. So ignore what the magazine and billboards tell you about the fountain of youth and learn to love yourself the way you are .


Resounding Praise for Amal Alamuddin’s Designer Wedding Style

amal alamuddin

Human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin looked stunning in a series of designer wedding outfits when she tied the knot earlier this month. Her look came courtesy of several top designers, including Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney Giambattista Valli and Dolce & Gabbana.

Amal Alamuddin, 36, married actor George Clooney in a romantic ceremony in Venice. She received huge plaudits from everyone thanks to her incredible Hollywood-inspired style.

Amal wore several outfits during her wedding celebrations. Fashion magazine, Vogue, published many pictures of her look, including her main off-the-shoulder wedding gown, covered in flowing layers of beautiful net material and designed by Oscar de la Renta.

“George and I wanted a wedding that was romantic and elegant, and I can’t imagine anyone more able than Oscar to capture this mood in a dress,” the British-Lebanese bride told Vogue. The editor of the magazine, Anna Wintour, attended the wedding and noted “she stands resplendent in her dress.”

De La Renta, who designs dreamy, feminine dresses, created Alamddin’s post wedding outfit too, which Vogue described as a “festive, Gatsby-style party frock’’. George Clooney looked dapper too, in a wedding suit designed by Giorgio Armani.

The couple’s wedding has been compared with the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in April 2011.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is now a style icon for many, as her dresses represent the very best of high fashion. She features regularly in Vanity Fair’s annual best dressed lists.

Amal and George’s wedding was attended by several celebrities, including Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Cindy Crawford and was captured by photographers following the couple throughout the weekend as they celebrated their wedding at a series of events.

Amal changed her look for her civil wedding ceremony, swapping her bridal dress for a chic white trouser and top, offset with black trim, which was created by British designer, Stella McCartney. The outfit drew on effortless coastal fashion; a theme already embraced by Amal as she arrived in Venice in a black and white Dolce & Gabbana maxi dress.

The new Mrs. Clooney left Venice by speedboat, dressed in an embroidered bell skirted dress by Italian designer, Giambattista Valli.

The Art of wearing Printed Trousers


You should not fear wearing printed trousers. Follow the tips below and have fun wearing them.

The appropriate fit

The first thing to get right in a printed pair of trousers is fitting and size. Make sure your selected trousers have the right cut to suit your body shape. Petite figures should go for a cropped, slim-fitted shape, like Olivia Palermo, whereas a bootleg style will suit a pear shape better. If you wear a high waist, it will the impression of give longer legs, regardless of your shape and size.

The right balance

The biggest drawback of wearing printed trousers is choosing the wrong top for the trousers’ pattern. One can look like a clown without the right balance. If you are going to wear colourful bottoms, make sure you chose a plain shade on top to achieve the right match. Your look must be cohesive and designer patterns must not look unbalanced.

The right trend

Choose the right trend. The best way to do this is to seewhat’s hot right now and pay tribute to it, for example by choosing a fashionable motif and a black base. Go for super-slimming printed patterns with a dark background. Wear a lighter colour on top , with smooth sandals. For a perfect weekend look, see Emma Stone in the picture below.

Be wise with colours

Choose your colours wisely for printed trousers. Decide if you want to go for one standout colour and keep others in a lower key. Match colours wisely and make sure it compliments your skin texture and tone.

Keep it simple

Use a more relaxed vibe and go with a simple plain t-shirt over more fancy trousers. Wear smart shoes in the same colour as the top for an effortlessly elegant style.

Spots (and stripes) together

Mixing spots and stripes together can result in an effective, nautical look.

Animal prints

If you like the head-to-toe leopard look, go for it and rock yourself completely with this trend. The patterned two-piece look will look more than awesome.

What Duties should the Mother of the Bride Perform?

motherofthebride dresses

Mothers normally fuss over their daughters and do their best to help and inspire them. Mothers also have all kinds of different personalities when it comes to organising a wedding. Some love to make lists and get involved in each and every part of the preparations, while others panic about being in the limelight on the big day.

Your mother’s involvement in your wedding will depend greatly on your relationship with her, as well as the age at which you are getting married. To much pressure from you to involve her if she is reluctant might lead her to feel uneasy amongst your guests, or allowing her to become too excited about everything may end up ina disaster if things get out of hand.

Here are few ideas about mother of the bride duties so that she can not only help you arrange the event but also enjoys it on the day.

Specific tasks

Make sure your mother performs tasks that she finds easy to do. Plan things in a way that distracts her from interfering in other arrangements that you would rather look after yourself. If you are sensitive about your flowers or wedding cake design, for example, make sure you handle them yourself rather than letting your mother do it, as it will just cause confusion and unnecessary discussion otherwise.

Guest list

Mothers normally feel that they should have a say in who should be invited. Ask both families to make a guest list of the people they would like to invite and then discuss it with your mother. Make the final list under her supervision. Start with guests who have to be be invited and compromise on the others.

Her advice

Your nmother’s advice will be of great value to you. Chat with her about everything aspect of your wedding to find out her opinions. Ask for her advice and help when planning the event and keep updating her about how the preparations are progressing to keep her feeling involved and happy.

Budget analysis

Parents often have a more expert opinion than thier offspring about budget allocation. If your family is paying for the event, then obviously their suggestions and involvement matter the most. Document all the financial details and share them with your mother.

Traditionally, parents bear the expenses for all or part of their children’s weddings. If this is the case in your family, then let your parents know about every bit of money you spend. Make a budget early on and let them know if you are purchasing expensive items or are threatening to go over budget in any area.

Outfit selection

While your mother will normally like to choose her outfit by herself, help make things easy for her by sharing your colour themes and ideas with her and going shopping with her over a weekend. Spend a whole day helping her choose the right outfit and accessories to make her feel special on the big day.

Your mother wish to wear a totally different dress or design from the mother of the groom and bridesmaids, so make sure you provide her with all the information she needs about what everyone else will be wearing.

Say thank you

After your mother has performed her duties; make sure to present her with a unique gift, either at rehearsal dinner or during the wedding breakfast speeches. Flowers or a piece of jewellery would be appropriate choices.

Even if your mother does not play a large part in the wedding arrangements; still say a public thank you to her for all her contributions in your life to date.

Brushes that woman should own

You can apply your make up quickly and more effectively with a top quality brush and tools that focus on each area of your face.. Below are five brushes which every woman should have in their make-up kit.

  1. Eyeliner Brush

To achieve a sizzling cat’s eye look, you should use an eyeliner brush. Cat’s eye is one of the most prominent trends seen in the past decade. If you invest in a good eye-liner brush, you will see amazing results. To get a perfect look, use a brush with high quality bristles and a tiny tip. It will give a flawlessly neat, narrow line.

foundation brush

  1. Foundation Brush

This brush is responsible for distributing foundation around your face. It further ensures a smooth and even look. It is especially designed so that any germs on your fingers do not touch your face.

blush brushblush brush

  1. Blush Brush

A blush brush is usually made from natural hairs. Similar to the foundation brush, it has a pointed edge which picks up exactly the right amount of blusher, avoiding transferring too much to your face. To achieve a seamless finish, pick a good quality brush with soft bristles and no harsh edges.

kabuki brush

  1. Kabuki Brush

This is an amazing multi-tasker brush, especially designed to apply mineral foundation. Mineral foundation needs to be buffed rather than painted onto the skin. So the brush has long and natural bristles and a strong tip which provides good control. It delivers a glowing effect from just one sheer layer of powder.

bronzer brush

  1. Bronzer/Contour Brush

Bronzer is a brush with a slanted edge. Bronzer is thick and is applied under your cheekbones to enhance your features. You can apply it on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones too.

Eye shadow brush400x600


  1. Eyeshadow Brush

To achieve a flawless, smoky eye look, an eyeshadow brush is the ultimate choice. Make sure you choose a brush with soft, natural bristles. This will help make blending each layer a breeze.

Red Hair is precious – Take care of it!

"Lost River" Photocall - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

If you have red hair, you are part of just 2% of people in the world with it. Celebrities with red hair look especially striking on the red carpet and the colour can really set off a glamourous outfit. Many people are envious of redheads and yearn for the same deep and unique shade in our hair. If you are considering dyeing  your hair red, then you must also know how to take care of it. Red dye is more prone to fading than any other colour. If you are getting marred in near future then you can get your hair dye in red color.

Here are tips to keep your ravishing red locks fresh and alive:

Use the right shampoo

Use a shampoo that has been specifically designed to protect coloured hair. It would be even better if you can find a shampoo made for red-hair protection. A good quality will not only protect and prolong the life of your hair colour, but will also nourish and strengthen the hair itself to leave it silky smooth and in excellent condtion

Avoid natural killers

Red hair should always be protected from sunlight, chlorine and sea water. It’s important to choose a decent finishing product which does not let natural chemicals or light ruin your hair. The product should be made from a formula which provides moisture and maintains the glow, as well as adding that all-important UV-protection.

EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Go for regular treatments

Go for regular treatments at a salon, which can  include professional hair masks used in combination with other colour-care products. These treatments prevent dryness and improve the hair’s condition. The results are smooth and healthy hair, which keeps its colour for longer. In addition , there are treatments, such as post-dye home formulas or leave-in-conditioners that can nourish the hair at home.

Avoid swimming

After colouring your red hair, you must not go swimming up to two weeks, because chlorinated water can be very damaging. Chlorinated water has a negative effect on hair dye that is mucch worse than tap water.

Get your hair cut

Red hair, because of the prominent colour, gets noticed easily. Split ends can show up very clearly, especially in daylight. Therefore, it’s wise to go for a hair trim at least every two months.

Using henna on hair

Henna is a a good topic for redheads to discuss. There are many different types of henna shampoos and rinses, which you can find at chemists. Red hair literally shines when henna is applied, because of the natural plant extracts which leave your hair glossy and polished.

Who should Pay for the Bridesmaids’ Attire and Look?

Many people are of the view that bridesmaids should pay for their own accessories and dresses. However, it’s still not clear who should then pay for the bridesmaids to have thier hair and makeup done at the salon.

Most girls feel proud to be part of the bridesmaid group and feel that it is an honour to be asked. Yet it is not always a given that they will be able to bear all the expenses of the role like hair and makeup. If the bridesmaids are young, their parents might be able to take the responsibility for the payments, but this should never be assumed.

Traditionally, the bride should pay for the bridesmaids, especially if she wishes to see them dressed as professionally as possible, with beautiful and unique hairstyle and make up.

Here are some more reasons why the bride should pay for her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup:

Bride’s choice

Bridesmaids paying for their own dresses, shoes and accessories like to have the opportunity to wear them again and so demand a certain element of choice. But if you pay for their dresses; you have the chance to buy a unique piece which is only for your wedding and which matches what you are looking for exactly.

Your preferences

If you prefer to hire a make-up professional, then that’s your choice. If you want all your bridesmaids to look stunningly beautiful and feel that the only way to achieve this is to hire an expensive make artist, ,then it’s only fair that you pay for this. If you want them to pay for themselves; then you have to give them greater flexibility in how the look on the day and accept that it might not match your idea of perfection.


Everybody has thier own choices of dresses and the overall look. The way the bride sees her wedding; may be very different to everyone else. Even if you hire a professional, make sure you take into account what the bridesmaids think about their outfit etc. Remember that they have the right to veto the style you suggest.

Bridesmaids are normally relatives and close friends so it should be reasonably easy to come to a compromise that suits everyone.. It can be a little harder when the bridesmaids are from the groom’s family, but a little tact and understanding goes a long way.

You might like to convince them to your way of thinking by telling them that,  because of their kind gestures and hard work during the wedding, you will cover all their expenses  as a thank you. That way, they might not expect any additional thank you gifts which will save you money if you are on a tight budget.