Why we should not be embarrassed to ask for cash as a wedding gift

Many people see cash as a totally inappropriate gift for the wedding. Its an important topic to discuss, therefore, because it needn’t cause any unease when suggested in the right way. First, guests may not be fully aware of the couple’s tastes and secondly, it’s a busy world and not everyone can spend ages finding the best gift. In the past, gifts were traditionally given for the couple to place in their house as a decorative addition or useful item for the cupboards. Nowadays, people are happier to break with tradition and consider other options.

Many traditionalists do not welcome the idea of giving money as a gift, they treat cash as a social faux pas. They like the memories associated with gifts. One might look back at it in 50 years and be happy with the fact that someone took the time to choose and give it as a unique gift. However, we need to realise the fact that many couples now prefer to receive cash to put towards larger purchases, holidays or house deposits. According to a survey based on 1,000 couples, 44% of couples prefer guests to give cash. 29% would opt for personally chosen gifts and only 12% choose a registry.

The results from the survey were explained as follows:

Couples are marrying later in life, funding the wedding themselves.

Many couples are already living together and already have a house full of the stuff they need to decorate or run it. For them, cash would be a better investment as they begin their married life.

Cash has a number of benefits, such as being used to help pay off the mortgagees and to spend money on any children in the household.

So guests should think in a realistic manner what would be better for the couple and whether they would benefit more from cash to use for their honeymoon or to add to a fund for a better life. So it’s time to challenge the traditions and think how you can wish the couple well, while putting aside your own gift-buying preferences.

In addition to benefitting the couple, presenting cash can also make the guests feel good. It can be more convenient to give money, it can be safer to transfer funds to the couple’s bank, rather than transporting expensive gifts across the country and you can even enjoy special offers on other Community First products, for example home loans, credit cards and travel insurance for the honeymoon.


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