The Truth about Beauty

It’s important for all women to know that beauty is not just about outward appearances and applying cosmetics, but also about who you are inside. What makes a person beautiful is the struggles and challenges they face in life, and the hard work it takes to triumph over them.

So when a woman turns 40, her youth may start to fade from her face and she might feel sad that she is not quite so youthful anymore. But she must realise that wrinkles cannot alter her spirits unless she lets them.

With age comes a grace and beauty that transcends the physical form. So a message to all those women out there is to live your life to the max. Revel in your personality and be proud of your courage and determination that is so often reflected in your conversations and decisions.

Age has nothing to do with wisdom. Confidence and influence comes from honest intentions and actions, and these shape real women’s beauty – inside and out. It’s so important for your self-esteem that you accept your age and love yourself the way you are.

So never ask why the backs of your arms ae so jiggly, or why your skin is so loose? Don’t panic if you catch your hair turning white? Remember, there are two ways you can live your life: through peals of laughter or buckets of tears. Make happiness your biggest cosmetic tool – after all, tears make your eyes look all puffy, so its much better to choose laughter instead.

Try to embrace each passing year and enjoy each and every day. Beautiful people do not let age alone identify them. They know it’s their soul and their experience that offer the most pleasing recognition.

Also remember that, no matter how expensive your cosmetics are, they may make you look nice for a bit, but they will not be able to turn the clock back 20 years. Instead of reaching for a paper bag to put over your head, tell yourself that you have come a long way and and are still growng in wisdom and grace every single year.

The wisdom, empathy, tolerance you now possess was just not there 20 years ago. So ignore what the magazine and billboards tell you about the fountain of youth and learn to love yourself the way you are .


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