The Art of wearing Printed Trousers


You should not fear wearing printed trousers. Follow the tips below and have fun wearing them.

The appropriate fit

The first thing to get right in a printed pair of trousers is fitting and size. Make sure your selected trousers have the right cut to suit your body shape. Petite figures should go for a cropped, slim-fitted shape, like Olivia Palermo, whereas a bootleg style will suit a pear shape better. If you wear a high waist, it will the impression of give longer legs, regardless of your shape and size.

The right balance

The biggest drawback of wearing printed trousers is choosing the wrong top for the trousers’ pattern. One can look like a clown without the right balance. If you are going to wear colourful bottoms, make sure you chose a plain shade on top to achieve the right match. Your look must be cohesive and designer patterns must not look unbalanced.

The right trend

Choose the right trend. The best way to do this is to seewhat’s hot right now and pay tribute to it, for example by choosing a fashionable motif and a black base. Go for super-slimming printed patterns with a dark background. Wear a lighter colour on top , with smooth sandals. For a perfect weekend look, see Emma Stone in the picture below.

Be wise with colours

Choose your colours wisely for printed trousers. Decide if you want to go for one standout colour and keep others in a lower key. Match colours wisely and make sure it compliments your skin texture and tone.

Keep it simple

Use a more relaxed vibe and go with a simple plain t-shirt over more fancy trousers. Wear smart shoes in the same colour as the top for an effortlessly elegant style.

Spots (and stripes) together

Mixing spots and stripes together can result in an effective, nautical look.

Animal prints

If you like the head-to-toe leopard look, go for it and rock yourself completely with this trend. The patterned two-piece look will look more than awesome.


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