Brushes that woman should own

You can apply your make up quickly and more effectively with a top quality brush and tools that focus on each area of your face.. Below are five brushes which every woman should have in their make-up kit.

  1. Eyeliner Brush

To achieve a sizzling cat’s eye look, you should use an eyeliner brush. Cat’s eye is one of the most prominent trends seen in the past decade. If you invest in a good eye-liner brush, you will see amazing results. To get a perfect look, use a brush with high quality bristles and a tiny tip. It will give a flawlessly neat, narrow line.

foundation brush

  1. Foundation Brush

This brush is responsible for distributing foundation around your face. It further ensures a smooth and even look. It is especially designed so that any germs on your fingers do not touch your face.

blush brushblush brush

  1. Blush Brush

A blush brush is usually made from natural hairs. Similar to the foundation brush, it has a pointed edge which picks up exactly the right amount of blusher, avoiding transferring too much to your face. To achieve a seamless finish, pick a good quality brush with soft bristles and no harsh edges.

kabuki brush

  1. Kabuki Brush

This is an amazing multi-tasker brush, especially designed to apply mineral foundation. Mineral foundation needs to be buffed rather than painted onto the skin. So the brush has long and natural bristles and a strong tip which provides good control. It delivers a glowing effect from just one sheer layer of powder.

bronzer brush

  1. Bronzer/Contour Brush

Bronzer is a brush with a slanted edge. Bronzer is thick and is applied under your cheekbones to enhance your features. You can apply it on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones too.

Eye shadow brush400x600


  1. Eyeshadow Brush

To achieve a flawless, smoky eye look, an eyeshadow brush is the ultimate choice. Make sure you choose a brush with soft, natural bristles. This will help make blending each layer a breeze.


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