How to Wear Velvet with Style

Velvet does not have a good reputation. Not all fabrics encounter such kind of mass distaste in masses. People make fun of it more than its sister, velour. With bad party dresses, crumpled bottoms and overly embellished gowns, velvet can be hell to wear. Velvet is popular with many subcultures, from goths to punks, in which women seek to achieve vampiric appearances. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie still wear velvet on the red carpet.


Jennifer Lawrence, who is currently one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, was seen wearing velvet in a petrol blue shade at a New York world premiere. She dressed up for her new flick, X-Men: Days Of Future Past.  Her choice has largely been criticized as being unfashionable and old-looking. However, the simplicity in the dress is its plus point.

The question arises; can velvet be recognized as a favorable material?  Used sparingly, velvet is always acceptable, for example on a coat with velvet trim. Velvet is one of those fabrics, where less most deinfitely means more.

Velvet causes problems when you wear it from head to toe. Velvet dresses always look hot because of its deep, thick pile, making it seem more appropriate for a Siberian adventure. Velvet suits can work in red, but even then one should have a skin show suitable to to the style of the dress.  Just to remind everyone at the party that you have not dressed up for a theatre or television drama, but for a party.

Always go through all the cautions before you decide to wear velvet. It’s a context-base dress as it looks perfect for a Halloween show or any cultural festival.


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